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Made for the People, by the People, of the People. 
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Awaken & Unite, “TV with Purpose” presents two monumental documentaries sharing imperative intel on a variety of subject matter, pertaining to these massive movements and undertakings going on in history right now. Join this awe-inspiring exploration to awaken and unite, finding new ways to change and save lives!

1. INSIDE THE GREAT AWAKENING Spiritual, UFO & Disclosure Movement Parts 1-19

Immerse yourself in the spiritual UFO and disclosure movement. Explore topics like the secret space program, targeted individuals, MK Ultra, encounters with Jesus, consciousness elevation, communication with the deceased, shadow beings, ghosts, remote viewing, and gain insights from a Mayan Shaman and a Native American wisdom keeper and more! Unveil the mysteries that intertwine spirituality, extraterrestrial encounters, and enigmatic dimensions that transcend our understanding.

2. INSIDE THE GREAT AWAKENING "Awakening Revolution" Parts 1-20

An "Awakening Revolution", from the Q Anon movement and child trafficking survivors to CPS and child trafficking, SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), restoring our Republic, vaccine whistleblowers (including chemists and doctors), border walls, election fraud, January 6th victims, testimonials, and beyond! Embark on a journey through critical topics and issues that urgently demand attention and understanding today!   


INSIDE THE GREAT AWAKENING Spiritual, UFO & Disclosure Movement Parts 1-19